Why use livesear.ch?

Super fast search

You can reach a larger worldwide audience by translating your website and showcase your properties to multiple nationalities


Your search pages works on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles so you're always sure to reach every customer possible.

Learns from your previous searches

We take into account the most popular products that were searched for and increase their relevance in the results.

Increases conversion rates

Faster searches mean users find the item faster without being fustrated. Conversion rates are bound to improve.

Easy install

It's an easy install, no separate login or anything. Simply install the App and you are ready to go.

Ranks results based on popularity

We scan your orders to automatically rank your products based on the number of times they are ordered

Pricing plans


  • 3,000 products
  • 100,000 searches

$49 monthly

  • 30,000 products
  • 1,000,000 searches
  • 90¢ / 300 additional products
  • 60¢ / 10,000 additional searches

* Note: you need to use your own Algolia account to benefit from these prices.
A $5 monthly fee is required to set-up automatic syncing.

Our belief

We believe in providing the best user search experience for your users. Our shopify Addon powered by Algolia delivers instant and relevant results from the very first first keystroke.

Frequently asked questions

What if I exceed my monthly limits?
You can either upgrade to another plan or if it's only the number of monthly searches that you want to increase, then it's only $0.08 per 1000 searches.
What if I want a different design for the search page?
You're able to customize the colors and placement of the results using the admin panel. However, if you want more customization you may use your own CSS stylesheet and embed your own instantsearch.js.

Do you search my pages and blog too? No, we only provide search for your products. By including other results, suggestions, blog posts and page users can be distracted from the product. Hence, we focus on what is most important - finding the right item and improving conversion rates.
How do you rank the search results? When performing a search we also take into account the popularity of your sold products and together with a relevance score for the search.

* Note: If there's anything you want to know you need just let us know.